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Our Company's Story

TJS London is a family business dedicated to creating sustainable hand-crafted jewellery, working with traditional artisans & locally sourced materials.

The passion for jewellery enrolled me and my husband Dipesh on a wonderful adventure: from learning to recognize the right gemstones on the streets of Jaipur to understanding the production techniques that combine the latest technology with ageless jewellery making skills and experience in Slovenia.

We transfer the passion we put into the process of creation to you, through the help of the local artisans’ traditions, to ensure that each piece suits you. We are also dedicated to finding the best locally sourced materials that nature can provide, and enhancing the beauty of each piece, by embracing it in arms of silver. We believe that anyone can love and enjoy wearing jewellery, and this is why we want our products to be wearable by everyone, no matter the occasion.

Our products will awaken some unique feelings in you; they will make you shine and bond with people. Are you ready to make some magic happen?

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Traditional Jewellery Making
Artisan Craft

Sustainable Jewellery Making

We’re committed to quality and sustainability; therefore, we work with local artisans that use locally-sourced materials and traditional techniques to cut, polish, and process the gemstones and the silver.

We do not tolerate any child labour or any other unfair practices within our company or suppliers.

Since all our products are created by hand, each gemstone has its own personality, impressing with its uniqueness and thus, becoming a wonderful piece of jewellery. The stones are combined with 925 sterling silver, known for its durability and always being on style but also with 18-carat gold vermeil or 14-carat solid gold.

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