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The secret to the perfect sustainable candle? It's all in the wax!

We believe small changes can make a big impact, so here at Flora Lab HQ, we set about creating beautiful scents in a sustainable way. We spend many months obsessing over bespoke recipes which are curated to every candle as well as sourcing planet-friendly ingredients.

As over 90% of your candle is wax, the type of wax you use is really important. There's no one standard wax we use. Instead, we spend months trialling and testing different combinations of natural plant-based waxes, fragrances, and wicks before we find the magical combination that creates the perfect sustainable candle. This means that your candle will smell small and amazing all while being kind to the earth.

It's this love of nature and the joy of experiencing all of its wonders in which The Flora Lab was born. Life's best memories are often evoked by scent, and it's these special moments we aim to capture in our candles.

Our classic candle which has been opened. It shows the back and inner lid of the box, as well as the back side which details our 'candle with care' guide. Two Sweet Smokin' Bourbon candles; in both the classic and the large sizes.A shot of our Botanical Wax melts and the a selection of the scents we offer. In this image we have: Darjeeling Delights, Stargazer, Wonderland & Pear-Fect
Candles, wax melts and diffusers The Flora Lab
It's a beautiful world

Making life Flora-labulous

Born from a love of nature and inspired by all of life's incredible moments.

Welcome to the wonderful world of The Flora Lab. We're all about creating candles with personality, offering a room-filling scent throw and a slow, controlled, even burn, without any of the dreaded sooting you often see in commercial brands. Championing the use of plant based wax, our scents all have a unique wax profile, curated over many months of testing, to find the magical combination of wick, wax and fragrance.

Sustainability is at the heart of this female-founded brand, prioritising people and the plant. Each candle is hand poured, using natural-wax bespoke to every candle, and the brand continually sources sustainable, ethical and cruelty free ways of creating stand-out scented candles, inspired by the natural world and those special moments life gifts us.

Now stocked in 60 independent retailers, we'd love to bring a little bit of Flora Lab job to your life. Ideal for gifting others or as a treat for yourself.

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