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Restoring balance. One cup at a time.

Hello! We are THEENK TEA-a London based company created by Karolina who used to suffer from depression and anxiety and decided to look for natural ways of improving her mental wellbeing. Every herbal blend at THEENK TEA has been carefully crafted by our master herbalist so you can be sure that each of our ingredients is there for a reason. We are committed to sustainability that's why our packaging is 100% plastic-free with compostable teabags and corn-starch foil. We also plant a tree for every box we sell.

THEENK was born out of true love for nature and all it has to offer. Here we believe that YOU are good enough and that YOU can achieve every goal you have set for yourself. Consider THEENK your new best friend who will help you awaken your brain so that you can become your best self. You can meet that next deadline, pass that tough exam, and get through that stressful time! We’ve been there and done that ourselves, and don’t worry – we will be with you every step of the way.

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Naural goodies for the body & mind

In our blends, we are using herbal nootropics and adaptogens which are not only powerful but also much more bioavailable in their natural form.

What are nootropics and adaptogens?

Nootropics - They're used to improve cognitive functions such as memory, creativity and motivation. Nootropics are used to boost brain performance, and are often called "smart drugs"?. Nootropics don't cause the "crashing" effect when they wear off.

Adaptogens- They can help you perform better in stressful situations. They help the body adapt to all kinds of stress including - physical, biological and chemical. Adaptogens can do for your brain a similar thing exercise does to your body. In short, when you take adaptogens you're training your body to handle stress.

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  • "I am now half way through my first 21day program, and can clearly say that all 3 blends of the tea have had marked improvements in the clarity of my thoughts and my overall energy levels; but would call out specifically the sleep one as my new found hero. As a mum of a toddler and a small business owner, I find it really challenging to switch off my mind in the evenings. (...)"
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  • "I was not myself working from home during the last lockdown. My sleep pattern, my concentration and my anxiety levels were all over the place. Then I found Theenk! My morning cuppa makes me feel centred and definitely helped me find the ability to focus I thought I had lost. My listless mid-day slump is no more and I am finding myself sleeping through the night. I had tried so many ‘remedies’ that had not helped, I was a bit sceptical about three cups of herbal tea having a positive effect. (..."
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    Karen S

  • "Truly grateful Theenk Tea exists! I am a light sleeper and always find it hard to fall asleep. Theenk Tea does certainly help! I feel that their teas are designed for me! Their packaging is also great - kind to the nature! What a great product with good force behind it! THANK YOU!! "
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  • "Love that these are produced all from natural goodness. Something for each part of the day to to help me get through the day and never ending to do lists. Really noticed a difference in energy levels and great to support small business too."
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    Louise S


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We use Hermes to deliver all orders and you will receive a tracking code once the order has been shipped. If you experience a delay in receiving your order please contact us so we can look into it.

Please make sure you enter the correct delivery address as we will not be liable for mistakes in the delivery address on your part.

All packaging is plastic-free.

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