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About us

We are here to make people smile one biscuit at a time.

The Biskery was brought to life by Lisa & Saskia. Two friends who accidentally started a successful biscuit bakery. They now work with a team powered by mums.

Together they bake delicious personalised & branded biscuits. At The Biskery we encourage people to share messages of kindness, affection, joy, etc. in a unique way. We do this by impressing our biscuits with standard messages or your own unique and personal words.

All biscuits are lovingly baked by hand and to order only. This means your biscuits are always freshly baked exclusively for you, leaving no food waste.

As a team of dedicated mothers, we choose to operate Mon - Fri school hours only from our kitchen in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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"Stunning biscuits"

Our Signature Jam Biscuits

Biscuits with Heart

Over the years we have become known for our 'Biscuits with heart' collection. These delicious jam biscuits can be impressed with words. They are inspired by a traditional Austrian Christmas biscuit called: Linzer cookie.

Nigella Lawson wrote about Linzer cookies on BBC Food. Her words perfectly convey how truly special these biscuits are:

“In its wildest dreams, a jammy dodger could never aspire to the melting tenderness and celestial lightness of the Linzer cookie. The idea is the same: two biscuits, sandwiched together with jam, a hole or small shape cut out of the top one, so that the jam glints beckoningly through. But the Linzer cookie’s dough is rich and short. It’s the extravagant Austrian Christmas version.” – Nigella Lawson

Trustpilot reviews:

"Fabulous bakers with beautiful tasty treats. Thank you!" A Hughes

"A gorgeous gift for my sister. Much appreciated xxx"

"These biscuits were beautiful and delicious!"

"The biscuits were fab …. And tasted fantastic!"

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