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About me

Creator and designer of contemporary ceramics

I specialise in wheel-thrown porcelain.

I attended Art College as a student but I never quite found my place in the usual artistic range. Something always seemed to be missing. I eventually chose a different path, closer to nature. I discovered my passion for clay by pure chance, and I have now come full circle, to a material as ancient as the Earth, and to a place that feels like home, behind a potter’s wheel.

My inspiration comes from nature: I love to play with the roughness of the clay on the outside, giving my creations a rawness that’s perfectly balanced by the peace and tranquillity of the smooth cool glaze inside.

I’m incredibly passionate about ceramic – I pour my heart and soul into it. For me it’s both a meditative process and a constant challenge.

I would define my work as minimalist. I favour shapes that are simple yet sophisticated, with clean lines and a quiet but powerful presence that works in any decor.

Steve Smith CeramicsTurning a white ceramic bowlPorcelain Vase

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