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At Elka London we love unusual jewellery designs and handmade jewellery which reflect the layers of personality that make you special and shine!!!

We Believe Jewellery is an excellent tool to reflect the layers of personality that make you special! Whether it’s quirky pendant necklaces, exuberant earrings, elegant bracelets or delicate rings, our unique handmade jewellery pieces will reveal your character and demonstrate your individuality in a way nothing else can! All personality types are beautiful, and our artisan handmade jewellery pieces have something for everyone. Our unique handmade jewellery collections, cater to a variety of styles and genres at all times of the year. The costume jewellery which puts a spring in your step in the winter may differ from items which make you feel good in spring and summer. In all weathers, ethical jewellery can make any outfit shine. Each one of our jewellery pieces has a story to tell. the origin of the design and the quality of our jewellery is our top priority. The jewellery pieces are lovingly handcrafted in small workshops all over the world.

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Materials and Ethical

Our custom jewellery is made of silver-plated metal ( or metal doré (gold-plated metal). The metal base is brass or tin.

We are committed to using a fair and transparent supply chain – this means no sweat shops, no child labour, and sourcing products that are hand made by skilled artisans • No fur, exotic skins or animal cruelty – we will never sell a product where an animal has been killed for its skin alone or tested on animals • We source products made from sustainable and traceable materials – this means that their production should not contribute to illegal logging or deforestation and wherever possible use off-cuts and recycled material • We encourage and believe in wellness products and source products that use natural ingredients wherever possible • If it's not ethical, we won't do it.

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