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As a mum of 2 children under 3; I am constantly looking for convenient products that will make my life easier.

When my second little girl, Holly, starting weaning in January 2021 I was quickly reminded how much I did not enjoy that stage first time round. As lots of people nowadays, I am committed to being as 'plastic-free' as possible at home and I really struggled to find good quality, eco-friendly weaning products - that were also low maintenance. When nothing was coming up, I realised there must be so many parents like me - so I took matters into my own hands and started up Scrumpot. I wanted to create a brand that made products used by little ones but with parents in the forefront of our mind.

As Scrumpot has grown, so has our product range and we continue to work hard creating beautiful, practical products that the whole family can benefit from.

Rebecca Rostron, owner of Scrumpot Ltd, Mum of 2 girls

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