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Custom made draught stopper to keep the house warm and stylish

About me

HI my name is Sally and I am new to Not on The High Street - super excited to be part of this great family!

All over the world concern for energy efficiency is growing. Now more than ever it is important to exclude draughts, protect our homes from the cold, so in order to help my customers save resources and their hard earned cash I am offering a range of weighted draft stoppers.

About five years ago i moved from a flat into a house with old doors and windows and I needed some draught excluders.

From making my own to creating a collection it was only a short step, so this is now part of my business.

Striving to combine minimalistic aesthetics and sustainability, I have come up with a line of stoppers to help keep the home warm and look stylish at the same time.

My lab is in London, where all my products are custom made.

My excluders can be cut to size so as to perfectly fit the doors and windows they will go to serve.

For in between sizes, just purchase the next size up and put a note in the order with the exact length.

Have a browse, you will surely find something you like.

Plain and Patterned excluders - heavy and cut to size.Personalised wall decorDoor draught stoppers with hoops
Selection of extra large bags

Neutrals are the new black.

Shop my range of fabulous, eco-friendly, extra large tote bags.

Continuing on the path to sustainability I offer a large selection of extra large tote bags. They are the perfect accessories to take extra luggage with you when going for a long trip or a weekend away without compromising on style. If you are going shopping or heading to the beach or to the park for a picnic with friends, the generous sizes will allow you to go with just one bag: pick one from this range! 

The single large compartments make them easy to pack and very practical indeed.

The materials have been selected with an eye for the environment. Jute in particular is making waves right now in the world of sustainability as it is completely bio-degradable and, with its natural look and feel, it is absolutely amazing.

If you are looking for a gift for an eco-conscious fashionista or if you are indeed one yourself, look no further, shop this amazing no-gender range!

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  • ""Very impressed with the quality workmanship. It fits perfectly and is very effective at reducing the draft.""
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    "Quick and easy to order, kept up to date on order progress."
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    Independent review

  • "Beautiful quality fabric, exactly as pictured. Bonus - I love the weight so I'm confident it'll stay in place!"
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  • ""Great draft excluder. I ordered a bit longer than the width of the door to make sure the tapered ends didn’t let draft in and it’s perfect."
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