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A message from Mrs Claus: Do you still believe in Christmas? Really believe, like when you were a child? No, you probably don’t. Modern living has a way of beating the joy of Christmas out of you, what with mass-produced thoughtlessness and love made in China. But my dears, don’t fret, because we’re here to bring the joy back, through our passion for creating hand-stitched, highly crafted traditional Christmas objects.

See the magic in every stitch, our signature touches, soft merino wool, huggable ivory faux fur and rich cotton lining – the very same luxurious materials we use to make Santa’s suits. Everything that’s made here has to get my seal of approval before it’s sent to you. So you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality elven craftsmanship.

And what does it take to get the Mrs Claus seal of approval? Well, the entire ‘Nice List’ has to be present and correct, but absolutely nothing on the ‘Naughty List’ is allowed.

Nice List

Handmade, and hand-stitched to order


Highly-crafted by the best behaved elves

Materials sourced locally

Eco-friendly – made with very little waste

No compromise on quality or luxurious materials

Making a keepsake to last for many Christmases

Staying true to the magic of Christmas, and caring about what you make. The heart of the craftsperson should be felt in every object.

Naughty List

Mass-produced in a factory

Polyester •shudder•

Making Christmas disposable

Using the cheapest materials to make the most profit

Made in China (unless you’re actually in China)

Uniform and soulless

Uninspired and underpaid elves

Makes a child question whether they believe in Santa

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