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Charles & Di. Orange juice and toothpaste, hydrogen balloons and sparks. Some things are just best kept apart. But peas & carrots, horse and carriage, love and marriage as Frank Sinatra would say - some things just go together. In recipes, in the kitchen and on the table, nothing, simply nothing goes together like salt & pepper. They are the power couple of the spice and condiment world.

Salt House is a new venture in a field we have 140 years experience in salt. After years of travel, discovering new and unique salts from around the world, founder Gregorie brought home the best for his personal use and now yours. We source over 40 different salts from Iceland, Japan, India and of course the UK to enhance the dishes of keen foodies. We also supply Himalayan Salt Blocks and accessories for cooking and presenting food in an exciting new way.

Peppermongers offers you pepper not to be sniffed at, including exotic hard to find peppercorns such as Indonesian long pepper and the world's best black pepper, Tellicherry (Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold [TGSEB] grade) from India. It's bigger, bolder, fruitier and stronger than normal pepper. Our pepper is always the best quality in the world. That's our peppery promise. We offer culinary clues and gustatory tips as well as recipes. Our current harvest includes an exotic range for the adventurous chef and a classic range for the more traditional cook.

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