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About Me

Creating contemporary embroidery kits for every skill level.

Hello! I'm Sammy - embroiderer, honorary Scot, and founder of Paraffle.

I started embroidering just before Christmas 2015, after deciding to hand-make a gift for my lovely mum, who first taught me to sew. A few months and several new designs later, Paraffle (which means 'embroidery' or 'an ostentatious display' in Scots) was born in my teeny Edinburgh flat.

My mum will happily tell you that I was 7 years old when I told her that I was going to create a business called 'Sammy's Sewing'; but it wasn't until I was in the middle of writing my PhD (and realising that academia really wasn't the place for me), that I decided to take a leap of faith to create a business - and a job that I would love - out of my crafts.

In May 2020, I was fortunate enough to move Paraffle into a small studio in Edinburgh, in a building full of artists, craftspeople, and other small businesses. This is where I create everything - with lots of help with my partner Ali, who has been an incredible support, encouraging me to grow Paraffle into the business I want it to be.

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Socially Responsible

My Values

Small business, big aspirations.

Paraffle is based on the idea that home-made embroidery should be beautiful, high quality and functional - creating pieces that you can take pride in for years to come.

It's my strong belief that crafts should be accessible to every skill level: each kit is designed to guide you through each stage of the project, teaching you skills that will last and giving you the confidence to create your own embroidery long after the kit is finished!

As Paraffle grows, I've worked to make my business more socially responsible by incorporating weekly charity donations into my model and keep my business sustainable - using eco-friendly materials, recycled/recyclable packaging, and offseting all carbon emissions involved with running my business.

The Tote bags and cushion covers I use are organic and ethically made. All of the printing included in my kits is on FSC paper using environmentally friendly inks. All of my kits are plastic free (including the packaging). It's a constant work-in-progress!

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  • "This is a beautiful kit and really got me back into crafts! I am a total beginner but the instructions are really helpful :) Thanks again!"
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  • "Loved this kit! Provides all the bits to get you started, with easy instructions on each stitch! It’s going to look great displayed in my living room."
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  • "This was the perfect kit to learn with! I've been wanting to get into embroidery for a while now but all the beginner kits seemed too simple or just not my style. This kit is exactly what I wanted - beautiful and intricate but do-able, with the opportunity to practise a bunch of different stitches. I've got an end product that I'm genuinely proud of. I'm already excited to start my next Paraffle kit!"
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  • "This was a wonderful kit! It comes with everything a beginner needs to make something beautiful."
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