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Everyday luxury. Embroidered joy for the home and life.


Everyday Luxury. Embroidered Joy for the Home & Life.

Hello you MARVELLOUS creatures! I'm Gemma Cutts of paperCutts designs.

I am a designer maker specialising in embroidery for that everyday luxury (very niche, I know). I like to turn my drawings and prints into embroideries, creating something that is luxurious, beautiful, tactile, and brings joy. And my goodness I love a fluorescent or a metallic!

Having studied Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University and worked in studios in New York and London, I am able to create products that inspire touch, the most magical thing about embroidery. And the added bonus is I can make them entirely unique to you, be it using the colours that make you smile or by simply adding yours, or someone you love's, initials, special date or name.

I draw, stitch, and sew things that I love to join me on my adventures or to welcome me on my return home to my tiny studio and tiny dog Nora, in South London. Coming home is the just the best thing and I want your home to be as special as mine.

paperCutts designs. Embroidered products for the home and life.

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