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The story

As good as our products look, they are not to be consumed and would benefit from not being put in or near water (some of our animals can't swim).

When are there ever enough hours in the day? We're all pretty busy people but sometimes I think it's important to just press pause and enjoy the little moments.

Being a designer I spend a lot of my time looking at a screen, so to sit down with one of the four books I'm halfway through or magazine in hand is what I find relaxing at the end of a busy day; in the other hand you'll undoubtedly find a coffee. Put these two together and you've got paper & bean - it really is as simple as that.

The inspiration and motivation behind the launch of paper & bean came from the arrival of my little nephew. Watching him grow and develop, I wanted to create something for him to make early learning fun and engaging. I started by designing a bear. Then a lion. Then an elephant, a frog, a rabbit... 26 different animals were illustrated for each letter of the alphabet, creating a set of A-Z cards for, not only my nephew to enjoy learning from, but I hope your little ones will, too.

Basing the name paper & bean on the simple things in life, the branding follows in style; minimal with playful details and a muted, earthy colour palette, all inspired by the aesthetics and effortless simplicity of Scandinavian design.

At paper & bean we will offer you a growing collection of gender neutral prints and wall decor to welcome new babies into the world and to encourage kids in developing their imagination and creativity whilst meeting your needs as design-conscious parents. We want to help create your own little moment at the end of your own busy day - a warm, calming environment for all the family to enjoy.

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eco-friendly mailing bags

Planet saving mode is on

It's not a nice thought that, if things carry on as they are, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Yuk.

I bet you never thought anything of a wasted potato other than the fact it was a wasted potato. Turns out they're quite a bit more useful than you think - potato starch is extracted from them and manufactured into a 100% compostable material, in this case, in the form of a mailing bag. Pretty handy for shipping your orders in, and easy for you to get rid of as they break down on your compost heap within 12 weeks. Who knew?

It's not just the mailing bags that are plastic-free. All of our nursery prints are packaged flat in a 100% compostable and biodegradable clear bag made from renewable corn starch which breaks down into CO2 and H2O, enabling new plants to grow. They're then packaged in a recyclable kraft envelope and finished off with our 'don't bend me please' stamp, made from ethically-sourced, sustainable trees. Not forgetting our alphabet cards which are packaged in a 100% cotton bag before being wrapped in die-cut kraft paper meaning zero plastic waste.

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