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Nut Blend is on a mission to make you feel good.

In 2015, I wanted to boost my mood and energy without relying on sugar. After struggling to find any unsweetened snack products on the market – and growing bored of plain almond butter – I decided to invest in a food processor and started making my own healthy Nutella. Blends of just nuts and a pinch of spice. Nothing else.

The resulting texture and taste was 100x better; I immediately fell in love how great it made me feel – and couldn’t put the spoon down!

One day I proclaimed to my Mum, I think I could sell this! That was the light bulb moment, the inspiration to set up a nut butter business and share this feeling with the rest of the world.

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  • "The best nut butter I’ve ever tasted. This combination of coconut and macadamia with almond is by far my favourite of ALL nut butters. I eat it straight from the jar. It’s perfect ????"
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    Lisa J

  • "The best nut butter and exactly what I've been looking for - all natural ingredients, nothing hidden and tastes absolutely delicious! I recommend in oats with cherries."
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    Ocado Customer

  • "Hands Down the BEST nut butter, utterly delicious! I have had it for years now and nothing compares, no added sugar or salt and yet more flavourful than any of the other brands that add sugar in hidden forms. The crunch of the cacao nibs absolutely completes it. Longtime big fan here!"
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    Charlie S

  • "Love all the Nut Blend nut butters but Maca & Pecan is my favourite. It tastes like no other nut butter on the market (plus much healthier too) and it's amazing on toast, yoghurt and in porridge. Lovely flavour and has some nice crunchy bits. Feel amazing and full of energy afterwards and no crashes later in the day."
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    Victoria C

Press Comments

"This nut butter range is available in four flavours, including Cinnamon, Hazelnut & Almond, and Maca, Pecan & Almond Butter. With no added sugar, they also pack a nutritional punch, with high levels of protein and healthy fats."
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Oct 2021

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