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It is all about that smile:)

I believe to encourage creative learning and play

This little shop is exist because I am a mama who, when I decided to become a mama, took a big breath and made a promise to myself and my children that I would do everything I can to make the world a better place and this little shop is part of that promise.

No, no white coated researcher here developing new medicines or energy resources, it is really just me, believing there is plenty of room for less lofty acts that create small measures of happiness and joy in the lives of our children and the ones around us and giving us something to smile about. So this whole journey is about that smile that comes from giving and receiving a gift that are not only cute and smart but functional, support creative learning, gentle to our environment and meant to bring joy.

All the products are designed and made by me inspired by mama-hood or created in collaboration with small, independent manufacturers from different parts of the world run by mammies with the same vision in mind along with our own emotions and discoveries.

Every detail of the products has been thoughtfully constructed, lovingly designed and made with a whole lot of passion and fun filled up with fine quality materials and loads of care. As a serious Eco-mama I use environmental friendly, natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials only.

I love this little business and being a mama. Thank you for each of my customers for helping to fulfill this promise and making possible to run Newlinegift from home.

Thank you so much for your order, much much love xx

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