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Boosting confidence through art #nomistakesinart

Hello I’m David, founder of Mythical Canvas and I'm based in Lewisham, London.

Growing up, being exposed to art helped me massively and my mum gave me loads of opportunities to be creative. In school, I was a keen artist but was a perfectionist and my inspirational art teacher would always say that there are 'no mistakes in art', pushing me to take more risks with my artwork.

This quote stuck with me and has helped me manoeuvre through life, encouraging me to take more risks and pursue my dreams. Fear of making mistakes can hold us back from going for and achieving our dreams, so at Mythical Canvas, we aim to promote the belief that there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities.

I launched Mythical Canvas because I wish to inspire kids to follow their dreams and have the self-confidence to believe they can create their reality. With our canvas shoes, we want to give kids the chance to create something they can be proud of, promoting the freedom to be creative in a fun way. 10% of every purchase goes towards us providing art packs for vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

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Kids sharing designs
Canvas for imagination

Our plimsoll packs

A canvas for imagination #mythicalcanvas

The canvas shoe was inspired by an artist’s canvas and developed over the course of three years with the support of 'The Prince's Trust'. The development took this duration so we could ensure the perfect product was produced to stimulate imagination; and give a sense of fulfillment for each child that receives and completes a pair of canvas shoes.

Our packs include a pair of canvas shoes for kids to customise with the vibrant fabric pens and super stencils provided. Cutting out the stencils helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Also, the straps on our canvas shoes are detachable and can be changed to a new strap once designed on.

We love seeing each child’s creative designs on their plimsolls and ask you to share their finished designs with the hashtag #mythicalcanvas. Remember to keep encouraging the lucky child to have fun being creative and remind them that there are 'no mistakes in art'!

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  • "Not only have they allowed her to express her individuality and creativity, they’ve also kept her entertained."
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  • "She really enjoyed designing her shoes and even more so, wearing something so unique to her."
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"The teacher-entrepreneur using art to help build children's self confidence"
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Aug 2020


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