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Colourful acrylic jewellery

About Miroo

Playful jewellery for playful people

I’m Dani & my business Miroo, is all about bold and playful jewellery.

Miroo started in 2017, and like many small businesses came from a passion and desire to create the products that I truly wanted to own.

Most of my jewellery is made from laser cut acrylic, and I especially enjoy working with the beautiful & shiny mirrored acrylics that you’ll see a lot of in my work. I enjoy creating my designs digitally, and then seeing them come to life with the help of a laser cutter is definitely one of the most fun parts!

There’s a lot of my personality in my designs. I'm inspired by things that make me smile or feel good, and hope that it makes those who wear them feel good too!

Colourful acrylic hearts necklacecolourful mirrored acrylic necklaceJOY uplifting statement necklace

About me

Miroo began when I started making jewellery for myself, shortly after having my first child. It was a way for me to add a splash of colour back into my outfits, and I quickly rediscovered a love of colour. I found that when I wore it or surrounded myself with it I felt happier, more confident & certainly more like myself.

I experimented with a range of different materials but loved the creativity and flexibility that working with acrylic gave me. As soon as I started working with acrylic I knew that it was what I wanted to do as a business because it allowed me to make the fun & vibrant pieces that I would never get bored of creating!

In 2019 I left my part-time job and have been running Miroo by myself full-time ever since. A decision I haven’t regretted for a second, and I feel so grateful that I get to do what I love each day.

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  • "It was beautifully packaged and opening it brought a huge smile to my face. The necklace is such high quality and never fails to lift my spirits. "
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  • "I absolutely love the vibrant colours, fun, quirky designs. I have a few of her awesome necklaces now. "
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  • "Wonderful customer service, so helpful! And the happiest, prettiest necklace I own "
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  • "I've bought several pairs of earrings and I love them all! They're so fun and colourful. "
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