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Magical Mail from Magical Characters to Create Magical Memories

Over the rainbow, way up high, a magical post office floats in the sky. Tooth fairies, Santa, Bunnies and more, their wonderful letters arrive through the door. The letters are sorted by pixies and elves as fantastical mail fills up the shelves. Are you wondering where they are going to? If you’re lucky one might be coming to you! Magical letters with tales to tell. Order them from Marvellous Magical Mail.

At Marvellous Magical Mail we aim to create beautiful, personalised letters for children (or adults!) and we can arrange magical correspondence from almost anyone! Our mail comes with little extras making them a wonderful and exciting experience for anyone who receives them, they arrive in the post in plain packaging so the parent or carer can intercept and make the magical delivery fit in with their traditions.

All of our magical characters are very environmentally aware. For this reason, we will always use recyclable materials from sustainable sources whenever possible. Our products are intended to be keepsakes, if not our stationery is recyclable or we encourage you to reuse all products and packaging wherever possible.

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The Marvellous Magical Mail Machine

Helen & Cora

Marvellous Magical Mail consists of two creative yet slightly crazy ladies. We both met five years ago across an NCT filled room and very quickly realised that we were destined to be friends. Fast forward to Summer 2019 and we had a conversation over a picnic that got the two of us thinking. What if we were to combine our skills and create magical letters for the children of our friends and family? The idea was a good one but we just needed to be brave enough to execute it! Last November, in the midst of Covid, we were catching up on the phone and agreed that if children ever needed more magic in their lives, it was then. We decided to go for it. We channelled our inner Christmas elf, posted on social media and opened a simple website. It was then that Marvellous Magical Mail was born.

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  • "This is the best letter my children have ever received! Such attention to detail & personalisation from the stamps & post marks on the envelope to the messages in the letter. I opted for the budget family letter and it was so luxurious, I loved the pretty envelope. My eldest loved the handwriting & how clever it was. Thank you so much for bringing a bit of magic to our home this year. I’ll definitely be ordering one next year!"
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  • "Truly magical! Thank you for each & every little detail, from the golden reindeer envelope stamp to the personalised initial & the beautifully written message throughout the letter. You thought of it all & it was a priceless moment watching my daughters excitement build as we read the letter out. We will cherish that memory forever."
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  • "Beautiful letter added to our Christmas Eve traditions, thank you."
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  • "Hi. I’ve just received my Easter hunt pack and am completely blown away by how amazing it is! I can’t wait for Easter morning as my little one is going to be beside herself with excitement!!! Thank you so much!!!"
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Your marvellous mail will be addressed in accordance to the delivery information placed on the original order form.

Most products will arrive in a plain black or white eco-friendly envelope or package, therefore we strongly advise customers to address and name the parent or carer of the child/final recipient. This way you, the customer, or the parent/carer can intercept it and make the magical delivery whenever you wish.

Upon ordering a product form, the customer is responsible for ensuring that all details are correct. Marvellous Magical Mail will not take responsibility for products ‘lost in transit’ due to inaccurate details given to us upon ordering. Products that are returned to Marvellous Magical Mail due to a wrong address being provided or any attempted deliveries made by a courier which were not responded to by the customer means you, the customer, will either incur charges to resend or risk forfeiting the product and initial cost.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all orders are placed to ensure delivery before last posting dates for major holiday or festivals, for example (but not limited to) Christmas and Easter.

Marvellous Magical Mail will not be held accountable for any delays in deliveries due to circumstances such as poor weather or Covid-19 for example. We will always try and update you whenever possible.

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Please see's delivery policy.


Please see's returns policy.

Returns Address

2 New Road, Bromham, Wiltshire, SN15 2JE, GB

Terms and Conditions

Please may you read and agree to the following terms and conditions set out by Marvellous Magical Mail prior to purchasing. If you make a purchase from Marvellous Magical Mail you will be legally bound by them. Marvellous Magical Mail reserves the right to add, remove or amend these without notice.

Ordering and Privacy

Orders will be fulfilled by Marvellous Magical Mail once payment has been taken and has cleared. Marvellous Magical Mail are committed to protecting your personal information and right to privacy when you order from us. The personal information we collect only depends on your interaction with Marvellous Magical Mail with regards to the choices you make on our order forms. The personal information Marvellous Magical Mail collect may include bespoke information for our personalised products which include but are not limited to: names, ages, pets, friends' names, hobbies, achievements and other similar information. The information is used to create a personal and magical experience for the intended recipient of the product. Marvellous Magical Mail will never share or sell any information about you. The only individuals who are aware of the information you (the customer) have provided, are the two creative partners and owners of Marvellous Magical Mail.


Marvellous Magical Mail will collect necessary payment data in order to process your purchase, such as your (the customer’s) instrument number (e.g. debit or credit card number), security code and expiry date associated with your payment instrument. It is your, the customer’s, responsibility to provide us with accurate and true personal information and you must please notify us of any changes to said personal information. We WILL always assist any police or fraud teams if approached.


Personalised products: The majority of Marvellous Magical Mail’s products are personalised and therefore are non-returnable. It is your, the customer’s, responsibility to ensure that all details given are correct at the time of ordering including spelling. If you do make an error, then please contact us as soon as you realise, and if your order has not yet been printed then we will rectify the mistake. If your order has already been fulfilled then we kindly will keep the original and offer a discount off the price of a new product.

Damaged or Incorrect Personalisation: The majority of Marvellous Magical Mail’s products are personalised therefore we can only offer a refund or a new product under the following circumstances:

1. In the very unlikely event that the product has been incorrectly personalised, meaning the information we have used is different to that on your original order form.

2. If your product has been seriously damaged in any way during its delivery. In this case, we will need a photo of the damage so we can inform the courier service.

Non-Personalised Products: We will only offer a refund or a new product for non-personalised products under the following circumstances:

1. If your product has been seriously damaged in any way during its delivery. In this case, we will need a photo of the damage so we can inform the courier service.

2. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and hope that you are completely invested in your purchase at the point of ordering, however if you have changed you mind then that’s okay. You will however be responsible for paying for and securely resending the product in it’s original packaging as well as obtaining a proof of postage. After receiving and inspecting your original product we will process your return within 10 days of receipt.


All writing, imagery and design work belongs to Marvellous Magical Mail. Any person(s) other than us including customers who have purchased products, do not have permission to copy, resell or reproduce our products. Legal action will be taken in this instance. Any stock imagery or fonts used by us has been lawfully purchased.


As all of our magical characters at Marvellous Magical Mail are very environmentally conscious, all of our stock is sustainably sourced, for example our stationery and packaging is recyclable and our magic dust is biodegradable. We intend for these to be keepsakes however when you are finished with them please recycle them responsibly.

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Please see's terms & conditions.