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Mindful fine jewellery - Feeling good is looking good


We’re influenced by everything that surrounds us. I try to embody positivity through all of MY creations, from their story and design to the materials they are crafted from. I hope they will radiate optimism for you

The Beauty of Gemstones

I love everything about natural gemstones. Their sparkle, the depth of their colours, and even their energetic qualities -protection, confidence, love… I believe they can be beautiful little-helpers for all of our daily lives


Excellence in craftsmanship is a source of pride for Maison Ypaga

The fine and semi-precious gemstones that adorn our creations have been carefully selected from ethically sourced suppliers

Every piece is meticulously handmade by highly skilled artisans in the finest workshops in Hatton Garden, London

Before delivering them to you, MY creations always go through a rigorous quality check - hopefully so they can put a smile on your face



Hey, I am Clara!

Originally from France, I moved to London to live with my kindred spirit, now husband :-)

Wildly in love with jewellery, art and spirituality, I studied French Literature before embarking on M.Y. creative journey. Maison Ypaga has allowed me to crystallise all of my passions behind a single vision. I have tried to design and curate a fine jewellery collection that marries aesthetics with genuine meaning

My wish is for Maison Ypaga to make you even more radiant, sparkly and happy

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