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Mahogany Naturals is a luxury natural British brand founded in the historical town of Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

Our founder Tope is an award winning curly hair stylist, certified aromatherapist & facialist so she understands how essential oils affect different skin and scalp conditions.Our products are meant to destress and relief anxiety.

We are lovers of the earth. We recycle or outer packaging where possible. Our skincare range does not come in extra fancy packaging; although we agree outer boxes look nice, 99% of customers throw them away immediate so we feels its wasteful and have made a conscious decision not to use them at all.

We source ingredients where possible from local farmers and use local craftsmen to do special projects for us.

The main ingredients is aloe vera, because its a healing plant and we love it. Our products are suitable for the whole family due to the fact that its gentle and completely natural.

We also have a private spa in the iddylic town of Beachampton, Milton Keynes to extend our services.

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70 Kent house, Surrey place, Bletchley, MK37HQ, GB

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