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MADFITT is founded by two fitness enthusiasts - Maddie and Malcolm. Maddie is a professional textile designer, creating all of the unique MADFITT designs in-house in Edinburgh, whilst Malcolm’s family has a long history of textile retailing. Both are keen gym-goers and in their spare-time Malcolm loves lifting weights and Maddie plays field hockey.

Resistance bands are one of the fastest growing trends in gym and home training due to their versatility, effectiveness and low cost. However, it was a shame that all the bands we could find were boring, plain in colour or simple patterns. We wanted to create something that was fashionable, bold, high-quality and that made people happy - whilst they sweated of course!

So we launched MADFITT, a range of patterned vegan friendly resistance bands designed to complement your fitness outfit, put you through your paces but also put a smile on your face. They are first and foremost a training accessory but also a fashion accessory. As much as we love our products, what is most important to us is that fitness is available to any one, in any way and in any place.

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Caring for our community, our planet and the future is a core value at MADFITT.


Caring for our community, our planet and the future is a core value at MADFITT. That’s why sustainability is one of our core focuses.


The inner, non slip grip of our resistance bands is made from a natural material rather than an animal by product. The material is a natural latex extracted from a tree called Hevea Brasiliensis. This process is called “rubber tapping” and it is not damaging forests as it does not require trees to be cut down in order for the latex to be extracted.


We manufacture our resistance bands at a factory in the Zhejiang region of China. They meet all Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) requirements, covering source materials, manufacturing quality, labour, and working conditions. BSCI provides a system to help companies improve conditions in their supply chain, such as ensuring no child labour and that fair wages are paid to the teams manufacturing the products.

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  • "Love the resistance bands, great design and excellent quality. The thickness of the bands are great and the rubber on inside make them stay put when doing exercises. Super comfy to use too as they don’t dig in. Definitely recommend :)"
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    Rachel H

  • "Fantastic customer service answering questions before ordering. Once ordered, good communication and timely delivery. Product is fantastic and couldnt recommend more!"
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    Claire H

  • "Great quality! Well worth the money it's made my home work out so much more interesting, would recommend to anyone!"
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    Calum S

  • "These bands are of fabulous quality. They are thick and don’t slide or roll up your legs whilst working out which is an issue I have had with previous bands. I feel that the price is brilliant for the quality that you are getting. These bands will last years, they are definitely the future. Let’s not forget the pattern and the colours, super uplifting! I can’t wait for gyms to reopen so I can show them off to all my gym buddies:)"
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    Lena B


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