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Kym Haverson utilisers toy figures and a Sony camera to produce interesting and enjoyable pictures from around the world.

The toy figures, nicknamed Sandra and Bernard, are carried around by the artist and the photographs are taken during her day to day life in London and during her travels around the world. The idea behind the project is to transport the toy figures from the context that you normally associate them in and place them into an adult enviorment, portraying human emotions, actions and locations. This allows the viewer to identify and connect with their childhood toy in a contemporary setting. The photographs are to remind us not to take life too seriously and that we were all children once. The artist hopes that the photographs encourage people to stop to take a monent and appreciate the beauty in the world and that life is better when shared with someone you love.

The photographs are digitally printed and are made in England.

The artwork is signed by the artist and are sold in limited editions of 100.

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