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Handmade silver and gold jewellery designed and created by award winning Scottish jeweller Jenny Deans.

Jenny's work is created from silver and gold wire, which is then shaped into elegant and sculptural forms, inspired by both nature and architecture. By exploring the relationship between the wearer and jewellery, especially peoples love of playing with jewellery, Jenny has created work which has fluidity and movement within the form, often with a playful twist. The use of wire, either in single sections or repeated units, creates forms which are light and flexible, giving a sense of space and volume, with an elegant overall shape. Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2002, Jenny has created several ranges of work, which have been available worldwide in carefully selected galleries and exhibitions.

As each piece is lovingly made by hand and eye, they are all unique, and can be made to your specific requirements, insuring you and your jewellery are perfectly matched.

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