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Island Falls Home Zen Garden Kit for relaxation

About us

Your moment of calm... Inspired by our love of Japan

Welcome to Island Falls Home. We're a family-run business, based in England & we love what we do! We're delighted you've chosen to look at our Zen Garden.

It began when we visited Japan in 2017, venturing far from the hustle of the vibrant cities, we found ourselves amazed by the peaceful tranquility of Japanese Zen Gardens. We have developed 'The Zen Garden' with 5 simple aims...

1. To help you or your loved one achieve daily calm & relaxation

2. To capture the essence of Japan's wonderful gardens, in a unique, giftable, premium, desktop design

3. To offer the widest choice of beautiful tools & features, to individualize & reinvent

4. To provide cultural background

5. Use only sand which is safe

We invite you to enjoy our delightful, luxury, mini Zen Garden kit, inspired by our visits to wonderful Japanese gardens. Using natural products where possible, our Zen Garden has been thoughtfully designed & crafted with all you need to discover the art of zen gardening. We're confident you'll love our products

Sand Garden Kit. Zen Garden Kit

More about our products

It's the attention to detail that sets us apart

Whilst others may opt for the cheaper way of doing things, we focus on a product we'd be proud to have in our own homes. Not only do our Zen Gardens come with 6 different tools, but we turn our back on cheaper plastic versions, and instead opt for individually handmade bamboo ones. They take a lot longer to make and are costlier too, but we hope you'll agree, the result is beautiful.

Arguably the most important part of a Zen Garden is the sand! We think so anyway. That's why we searched the globe for the safest, most beautiful sand we could find. Crushed only from very specific rock in Canada, our Sand has no free Quartz or Silica. We then worked with the producer to find the perfect sand grain size for our Zen Gardens. The result: Beautifully soft, gently sparkling sand, in which your raked patterns show up perfectly!

Add in a beautifully wrapped box for the tools, a well-researched features guide, and a large tray full of traditional Japanese features.


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    "Really excited and looking forward to receiving the zen garden kit and it did not disappoint. Impressed with the quality of the kit, the packaging is well thought out with each pieces individually packed inside. Its set up beautifully in my office adding a tranquil and calming aesthetic I was hoping for. Good value for money and makes for great gifts for friends and family and would highly recommend."
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    "Stunning, magical, peaceful. Gifted it to myself in aid of my own healing journey."
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