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Our British honeys are all specific to an apiary and harvest, with their unique flavours created by nature and speaking of their place and bees that made them

I’m a London beekeeper who discovered how different honey tastes when it’s straight from the hive and not fine filtered, pasteurised or blended to make the supermarket honey taste we’re all used to.

I love the way every honey is different in flavour, colour, texture and even smell: each one has a flavour that’s created by nature and speaks of the place it’s from and the bees that made it.

Our mission is to keep every honey as close to how it was made as possible, with the name of the beekeeper and the apiary written on every jar, and the main flavour type given: honeys can have floral, fruity, caramel, spicy, nutty or fresh flavour notes. In our gift sets, and with each honey sent in the Honey Club, is the story of the beekeeper and bees behind each honey, along with its tasting notes.

With most of the honey sold in the UK being imported (40% from China), I’m on a mission to support as many good British beekeepers as we can; if they go the bees go too and that’s not on!

Emily Abbott, Founder of Hive and KeeperLimited edition British honeyRaw British honey is nature's sweetener

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  • "We're loving the honey, what a fantastic idea and so nice to hear about the keepers producing the honey and the flavours"
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  • "Thank you, my Aunt and Uncle are REALLY enjoying the honey. I get a full report every time a new batch is delivered"
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