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Here at Hive & Keeper, we’re doing things differently with British honeys straight from small scale beekeepers: that’s why each of our honeys tastes different

Hive & Keeper is putting flavour back into honey and the whole process starts with the location. A hive’s honey is a portrayal of its surroundings, so whether it’s from an orchard in the rolling hills of Cheshire, or a back garden edging onto the woodlands of the Cotswolds, every individual flower makes a difference and that’s why each hive’s honey tastes so unique. Next, the beekeeper; here at Hive & Keeper we only work with beekeepers that we've visited and know put their bees first. Our beekeepers are bee-health experts and they work tirelessly to look after each and every hive. We only work with Keepers that harvest sustainably and always leaves the bees with enough honey.

‘Honestly some of the best honey I have ever had’ - Head Chef at Smokehouse London

Emily Abbott, Founder of Hive and KeeperLimited edition British honeyRaw British honey is nature's sweetener

Treading lightly

In the UK about 90% of honey is imported, we’re fighting this and protecting our most loyal workers, the bees. Cheap imports are putting British beekeepers out of business, and with each beekeeper lost to outside competition our countryside falls further into danger, so, we at Hive & Keeper are taking the initiative: we’re putting money back into beekeeping by connecting you with independent small-scale beekeepers and their honeys and rewarding all of the hard work done by beekeepers to protect our bees. We visit all of our beekeepers to ensure each one prioritises bees over honey production. On top of this, all of our packagings are 100% reusable & recyclable. So join us to help save our beekeepers, bees and protect our wonderful wildlife.

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  • "''Wow! Your honey is amazing! Absolutely delicious. So full of flavour and so thick. No more supermarket honey for me!"
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  • "We're loving the honey, what a fantastic idea and so nice to hear about the keepers producing the honey and the flavours"
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  • "Thank you, my Aunt and Uncle are REALLY enjoying the honey. I get a full report every time a new batch is delivered"
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  • "My Mum is really enjoying the honey. I'm a little jealous!"
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