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Because what's the fun in no Grump?

Hey! and Welcome to Grumpy Nook!

I'm Maisah (pronounced May-sa) and I've been running my cosy little gifting business for just over 5 years now.

I rebranded from "Maisahs Nook" to "Grumpy Nook" in October 2022. And I always get asked, why Grumpy?

Well... I've always loved the grumpy characters of tv, books, cartoons, comics and etc. Truth is, what's the fun without a grumpy character in the mix? And since most of my illustrations are usually grumpy Cats... there was just no other best fit!

Here at the Nook we offer a range of products from enamel pins, keyrings, tote bags, sweaters and other magical things!

Everything is designed from scratch, and some of our top sellers are based off of ultra cute GRUMPY and NOT-SO-Grumpy illustrated characters!

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