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Saving Gorillas, one drink at a time.

Gorilla Spirits Co. was founded by Andy Daniels, whose vision was to create a truly ethical business and an exceptional portfolio of spirits and liqueurs. He wanted to demonstrate that businesses can be successful at the same time as being focused on social responsibility and to become an inspiration to other businesses.

Based in the north east corner of Hampshire as it borders with Surrey, Gorilla Spirits Co.’s distillery in Upton Grey is where we make our small-batch, award-winning spirits – all while donating to The Gorilla Organization and Kula Project. We’re a family-style team, all focused on the mission of distilling, bottling, finishing, distributing and marketing Gorilla Spirits Co

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A Rwandan coffee grower

Being a socially responsible business isn’t just something we do because it’s trendy, it’s in our DNA, which is why we’ve twice been recognized by the Green Organization with an International CSR Excellence Award and why they cite us as a World Leader.

Ethical shopping is increasing and will continue to grow as people want to know more about the provenance of their food & drink and the people who produce it.

By selecting products from ethical brands, consumers understand that they are creating change through their everyday actions.

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Press Comments

"This caffeinated elixir from Gorilla Spirits is named after the Rwandan district of Maraba, which produces some of the best coffee in the world. To make the liqueur, Red Bourbon Arabica coffee beans from the region's independent growers are roasted and ground at Moonroast Coffee in Hampshire before heading a few miles down the road to the Gorilla Spirits distillery, where they are cold-brewed and crafted into their final form. Yup, we'd sip this solo, but we also love the brand's suggestion of a"
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Sep 2022


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