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Filling you with joy, one cup of chai at a time. Just add hot water. #chaiOKplease

Ghar Ki Chai’s unique concoctions of the highest quality spices and tea aims to transport the drinker to the heart and soul of Mumbai; it delivers a panging for everything associated with the city - the colours, the smells, the sounds, and flavours. With just one serving of our chai mix added to a mug of hot water, our chais will cast a hypnotic spell over you and keep you coming back for more.

At Ghar Ki Chai, we love our chai, but we are not big fans of the time it takes to brew a warm cuppa. We are firm believers that, with the right amount of wholesome ingredients, organically sourced tea and spices, and carefully measured blends, there is no reason why an authentic, refreshing and flavourful cup of chai can’t be made in the time it takes to make a cup of hot chocolate or English Breakfast tea. Ghar Ki Chai is an expression that signifies home-made chai and evokes feelings and memories of home comforts; home-made food, warmth, and quality time with family.

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  • "Absolutely love this chai! Wonderful mix of spices to transport you to an exotic, soothing world while in the comfort of your own home. With a homemade, great blend of natural ingredients - this authentic chai is unlike any other I’ve tried (which I generally find are overly sweetened and synthetic). I will definitely be ordering more Masala flavour and trying out the Kashmiri Kahwa next ?? Service was also excellent and efficient!"
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    Nasstassja J

  • "Absolutely LOVE the flavour - thank you for making it so possible to have an excellent glass of chai. Only downside is the size of the packet... i wish it was bigger!"
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    Beth G

  • "The authentic taste of India masala chai. We used to try and replicate this, but this packet of joy has got it spot on. Hooked since the first sip! Absolute perfection!"
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    Mandeep B

  • "It's the best chai I've had since Mumbai! Will definitely be ordering more."
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    Rohit V


All our chais are shipped via express delivery for your enjoyment. Orders placed before 12PM are normally dispatched the next day and delivered within 1-2 days.

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