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Two prints of book spines by Georgina The Librarian, in oak frames, displayed with a pile of vintage books

About me

Sharing a love for paper and ink worlds, Georgina The Librarian creates gifts and stationery for book lovers.

I am a reader, by the glow of a street light, while on a train, or even while walking in the rain, I am never found without a book. People who know me have said I don't read books, I consume them, I couldn't live without books. I have more than I care to admit, and for each one I can remember where I read it, what season of life I was in, how it felt to reach the end, to venture across middle earth, or to test my "little grey cells" against the might of Agatha Christie.

Books are linked to memory, and as we visit and re-visit the worlds within the pages we cannot help but cause damage to the spine. No matter how hard you try not to, if you re-read books they will crease, tear, and fray. I believe those marks should be celebrated, they show which stories mean the most to us. Our love for a book goes beyond the stories, to the worn edges, breakfast stains (just one more chapter!) or your name in your childish handwriting, which you still pick up and read today to your own children.

And that, reader, is where we begin.

A framed print of a black and white illustration of three book spines by Georgina The LibrarianGeorgina's hand holding a black fountain pen sketches a book spine onto a piece of paper mounted on an easel, a shelf of books can be seen in the backgroundGeorgina, a white woman in her 30's with dark hair and tortoiseshell rimmed glasses, holds a stack of vintage hardback books, in the background is a bookshelf
Two book spine artworks, in oak frames, displayed next to a stack of books.

How it's made

Hand painted in a studio filled with books, tea, and a passion for reading, in the Lincolnshire countryside, UK

Alongside my love affair with books I have also always been creative. It was when my sister left home however that I developed my style. The books we had grown up sharing were sitting on my bookshelf, full of memories, while her bookshelf had none. I decided to draw them for her, with all of the rips, tears and even sellotape, that represented a childhood exploring literary worlds.

I have a passion for stationery, and my fountain pen was a prized possession awarded by my Dad for achievement, so it was only natural that a fountain pen be my weapon of choice. Combined with archival ink and watercolour, I examine the spine of a book and immortalise the intricate creases, tears and stains onto paper, so that long after your physical book has deteriorated to the point it has broken, you can still remember the spine of your favourite story.

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