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A Fresh Take on Beer

Freestar is World Beer Award winning 0% beer that's better for the planet!

We launched Freestar in 2019 but the story began a few years before when we were together on a Tuesday night. We had stuff to do that week so we didn’t want to drink any booze, but we still wanted to hang out. We weighed up our options: We'd had enough lame and sodas, most soft drinks are bad for you and it’s no fun to go into a licensed establishment just to drink a glass of water.

We wanted a drink that tasted great, a drink that we’d be proud to hold in our hands and a drink we could session with our mates. And in that moment, in that pub, on that Tuesday evening, we wanted a drink that had no alcohol in it

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We make our beer differently

Better for flavour, better for the planet

We make our beer completely differently. It’s made from the same things a regular beer is: malted barley, hops and water. We just skip the yeast and instead we use a banging mix of super high quality, hand selected natural ingredients to build up the flavour complexity.

Not only is our method great for flavour but it's also better for the planet. Because we don't go through the brewing or the the de-alcoholisation process we emit 90% less CO2, use 80% less water, 80% less energy and create 70% less waste than all other methods. It's part of the reason we're the world's first alcohol free beer to certify as a B Corp.

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Press Comments

"now, with more people having booze-breaks, there’s been tonnes of innovation...Freestar is probably the best"
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Oct 2020

"You can enjoy the same taste, but wake up feeling fresh in the morning. Bingo."
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Oct 2020

"If you’re looking for a way to cut back on boozing but still have a feel-good...give this tasty number a try."
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Sep 2020


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