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About me

Jewelry hand-made with real local flowers

Hello, I am Elisabeth. I am a French jewellery designer, trained at Central St Martins College and the ENSAAMA in Paris. I started my jewellery brand 'Fleur de Trésor' two years ago.

I design unique pieces of jewellery hand-made with real local flowers and crystals embedded in resin. Most of my flowers are collected in local parks and friends' gardens around South London and pressed at my workshop in Peckham.

During lockdown, I realised that there were beautiful wildflowers thriving just on my doorstep if I took the time to look. My pieces are like miniature landscapes with their very own unique stories. The mini crystals, pearls and beads represent the sun, moon, stars, and rivers at different times of the day and night.

I want my designs to feel like little meditative treasures to the people who choose to wear them. They celebrate sustainability, local flora and community parks and gardens.

Portrait of me and my stallMy flowers after being pressedMy pretty packaging
My pressed flowers scrap book
My pressed flowers book

How it's made

Most of my flowers are collected in local parks and friends' gardens around South London

I love walking around my area to pick up my flowers. It's like a treasure hunt! They grow everywhere: local parks, friends' gardens and even between pavement cracks! Some colours are hard to find or fade over time so I hand-dye them. Some varieties don't grow around where I live so I find them at local florists or on the internet.

Pressing the flowers is a long but lovely process. I start by dehydrating them for a few seconds in the microwave with my special press. Then I keep them for at least a couple of weeks between the pages of books to make sure that they are completely dry and flat.

Once the flowers are ready to be embedded in the jewellery, I get my favourite tweezers out and I start selecting and mixing them with mini crystals and beads to create my designs. I like to take time to create colourful yet harmonious compositions. It feels very meditative and relaxing and that's definitely my favourite part out of the whole process!

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