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Make your own hand cream from all natural ingredients

Field Fresh Skincare

All-natural kits that make Blend-It-Yourself skincare easy: Fresh, Local, Natural and Handmade.

Field Fresh Skincare provides kits with pre-measured ingredients that enable you to make your own all-natural skincare at home.

In 2017 our Marshmallow Dream Cream won 'Best Facial Moisturiser' in the Janey Loves Awards, proving that the skincare you make at home can outperform products you buy off the shelf.

All the kits use totally natural ingredients sourced in temperate climates, so they have affinity with our skin. We use plant seed oils, essential oils, walnut butter, beeswax and skin enhancers like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

Everything you need is provided (included the pot and the label) so there is no fuss, and no waste. Nothing takes longer than 10 minutes to make. Once made, the creams last for 3 months and the balms for 6 months.

The range includes: day and night face creams, body cream, hand cream, foot cream, balm for dry skin, lip balm and a healing balm.

Field Fresh Skincare

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