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Labelling Exe Chocolate bars

More than just chocolate

Handcrafted from bean-to-bar in a tiny chocolate factory in Exeter.

I specialise in making single origin chocolate bars with distinctive and outstanding flavour that is true-to-bean, using ethically and sustainably sourced cacao and exciting inclusions found on my doorstep here in Devon.

Made to be savoured

Each batch of chocolate is crafted with commitment and meticulous attention. Every step in the process, from the sorting of the beans to the precise roasting, grinding, tempering, and moulding showcases my dedication to creating more than just a chocolate bar.

Small is beautiful

I make my chocolate in micro-batches of 3kg or less, with great care at every step to nurture and bring out the flavour of the beans. The process begins with sourcing fabulous quality cacao. Flavour is always at the forefront of my decision making. I use my experience with chocolate tasting and cacao evaluation to select the beans that offer an outstanding flavour profile.

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