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We're dedicated to People, Planet and Skin.

Hi, we are Tenesia and Danny and we're the husband and wife team that make up Earth to Earth Organics. We're originally from London but now live and work in Bedfordshire with our young son Kymani.

We started Earth to Earth Organics in 2016 when Tee couldn't find anything on the high street to help with her irritated and dry skin issues due to changing weathers as originally from Guyana, south America, growing up she was always used to warmer climates. After doing loads of research and testing and trialling, we finally made a moisturiser that worked! It was like a miracle.

At the time we had never intended to create a business, it was only for personal use and then all of a sudden, friends and family wanted some, then they started buying it. It wasn't until our nephew, who was 4 at the time and suffered from eczema, tried the cream and it cleared up his eczema that we said, "we've got something here". He coined it "auntie's magic cream" and it all started to blossom from there.

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How it's made

We pride ourselves on making our 100% natural skincare products by hand to always give you the same consistency and quality known for by our customers.

Our studio space may be small but our reality of whipping up the best and most soothing skincare are crafted everyday in this space, with the same effort and process we've adapted to over the last few years.

We triple whip our body butters using high spec mixers and make everything in small batches. This gives us the best opportunity to always manage quality control and give each make our undivided attention for every batch we produce.

After mixing we immediately pour our products into their aluminium or glass jars and bottles because the texture of the products is smoother when it's freshly poured. All of our products come in glass and aluminium containers because we are very conscious of our planet and do as much as we can from our origins to do as little damage as possible and give back where we can. All our packaging is 100% recyclable and since 2020 we plant trees with every order and provide our customers with seeds to grow their own food every year from January to March.

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  • " "I use the body butters. As a person that suffers from eczema and dermatitis I can say I finally found my love. Gentle soft and generously moisturising. I use it from my natural hair face body and feet massage too! A little goes a very long way. Keep up the good work guys. Excellent!!!" "
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    Barbara Z

  • " "I love the smell of their products and how my body feels after using the body wash and body oil. My husband tells me I smell like I took a shower in a Mediterranean lemon garden!!!" "
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    Shauntel S

  • " "have sensitive skin and mild eczema, as well as sensory issues which make some creams and lotions feel really unpleasant to me, so finding something to moisturise with is not easy! The body butter feels great, absorbs beautifully, and my skin absolutely loves it. It smells gorgeous too." "
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    Caroline D

  • "I bought the Sweet Rose Body Oil at the Peckham pop-up. The customer service blew my friend and I away and we loved getting the extra samples! But beyond that, ever since using the oil, I have had the most peaceful and deep sleeps I've had in a while! It smells amazing and feels even better! Excited to become a loyal customer!"
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    Leora K


We ship orders next day, same day if you order before 12pm except Saturdays and Sundays. You will receive your order within 2-3 business days. Please allow extra time for deliveries during busy periods of the year such as Christmas.

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