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T Rex and Triceratops Dinosuit construction toy


Making a big roar in creating unique, genuinely exciting children's toys with strong values.

As a passionate teacher of Art and Design, the founder of Dinosuits, Ross Padgett, has a long career in creating exciting educational resources. Praise came for the natural and traditional hands-on qualities of the toy, time together away from devices, real physical play and genuine social fun! Ross decided he wanted to bring his wholesome toys to a wider audience than just the schools in which he taught.

The vision at Dinosuit is..

Creating enjoyably fulfilling, iconic toys which make memorable childhood playtime experiences that resonate for time to come.

Entertaining educational toys that support children's cognitive development including both fine and gross motor skills.

Environmentally friendly using a minimum of 90% sustainable materials used and avoiding materials that are harmful to the planet.

Encouraging children's imaginative play and growth through genuine social interaction.

Made in UK

Triceratops dinosaur toyconstruction toyT.Rex dinosaur toy
Dinosuit founder
Dinosuit toys

Born from an educational environment and fostered with strong values the Dinosuits are both eco-friendly and support children's cognitive development.

The guiding ideology of the business is to reimagine how sustainable materials are being used in the toy industry, so making responsible choices has been key in developing the design and the materials used in the toys. We are really proud to be creating products which meet the goals of being innovative, educational and environmentally responsible. The Dinosuits are made from sustainable wood and cardboard with minimal recyclable plastic. We will certainly be building on the already credible sustainability of the products and learning how best to commit time, energy and budget in a way that will further benefit society and the planet.

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  • "Great fun to build and all of the bits are really well made!"
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  • "So surprisingly strong, I am really impressed with the design! My two are loving their dinosuits, perfect pressies."
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  • "A really fun piece of kit! The challenge to make it instantly gives a sense of pride and accomplishment when worn."
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Press Comments

"Educational toy helps teacher make grade in business world."
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Mar 2022

"Dinosuit: Roaring success for Perthshire teacher’s dinosaur suits"
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Feb 2022


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