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Made for everyday responsible drinking, all the flavour, the same ritual just without the hangover.

DECEM {Def: Ten – Latin} English des-em. Expertly crafted 10% LIGHT SPIRITS made with a unique blend of 10 botanicals and Spices.

DECEM was born to give modern spirit drinkers a lighter alternative to the usual. Embracing the philosophy of less is better and empowering everyone to enjoy the benefits of alcohol without drinking too much.

DECEM is designed to be enjoyed with the simplest of mixers to create full flavoured yet lighter alcoholic drinks; or to mix up in traditional and contemporary cocktails you can sip day and night.

London Dry - 10% light spirit made with British Gin.

Spiced Blend - 10% light spirit made with Caribbean Rum.

Aperitif - 10% light spirit made with Strawberry & Botanicals.

Decem drinksDecem drinksDecem drinks
Billy Wright

Our Founder

Billy Wright - Masterchef Finalist 2016

“It’s been three years in the making but we think now is very much the time for DECEM. In 2019 the trend towards drinking less were starting but today they are very much here. It’s now obvious to see abstaining from alcohol is becoming a BIG trend but no where near the size of moderation.

Following the once in a life time Gin boom (and a few lockdowns along the way) the UK has never been drinking so many spirits. But, as alcohol consumption increases amongst older drinkers so too does our awareness of the hangovers that go with it.

We created DECEM to give drinkers a LIGHTER alternative to their favourite drinks.

So whether they’re cutting back for health reasons, looking to avoid some calories, dodging a hangover in the morning or just avoiding getting too drunk.

DECEM exists to be a simple choice to a better life. Cheers”.

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Press Comments

""Delivers convincing gin flavour at a much lower alcohol level" "Perfect for summer sessions when ya wanna knock back multiple drinks without knocking yourself out." "Crying out for some tonic, so make it happen. We're also keen to try this one in a Negroni, where its big botanical flavours are bound to shine through" "
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Jun 2022

""These drinks are designed for those who opt for the joy of the sip over a numbing of the senses – and you’ll need all of them intact to enjoy the bounty of botanicals contained within." "Sobriety is always an option, so too is restraint. Thankfully, DECEM have invented something to help us avoid such apocalyptically drastic measures.""
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Jun 2022

""Here’s a delicious, refreshing and extremely light (10% ABV) London Dry Gin that is ideal for those seeking a lighter buzz in the glorious afternoon sunshine." "On the nose, peppery, earthy, woody." "On the tongue, the earthy roots are in abundance, brightened up by the juniper and coriander." "If the bottle doesn’t WOW you, the beautifully refreshing liquid will!""
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Jun 2022

""I intended on enjoying my DECEM cocktail as a single pre-dinner drink, but proceeded to have three. The best part? I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy the next morning""
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Jun 2022


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Orders received before 2pm will be sent on the same day. Orders received after 2pm on Friday and over the weekend will be sent on Monday. Delivery times are normally 3 - 5 working days.

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Please note that all DECEM Drinks products are alcoholic light spirits and as such may only be purchased by, and delivered to, persons over 18 years of age.

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