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My name is Deborah Champion and I like drawing. In fact, I love drawing. Drawing is magic; I can make new worlds appear, experimenting with patterns to convey secret meanings.

I believe in getting my hands dirty working to make each and every print myself, rather than pressing a button on my computer. I want to be involved with the process from the first pencil sketch right through to packing your order to post it to your door; that’s why I started printmaking. Screen printing is exciting, hands on work, peeling each new print off to see what you've got. I love to print.

I want everyone to enjoy real, original, handmade artworks in their home. In a world full computer perfect fonts, I believe in hand lettering with a bit of wobble. Unique works of art give a personal touch to make a house a home. I believe beautiful walls inspire a person, and an inspired person will imagine and create; and together we can imagine and create a more beautiful world.

I believe in working in harmony with nature so I use eco friendly materials where possible and draw animals and landscapes as often as possible.

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