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About Me

Hi, I'm Kat, an Experimental Crumpetier based in beautiful Norfolk, making delicious small batch, artisan flavoured, preservative free crumpets.

The story began on a worldwide adventure where I met many amazing people, and during long hikes around Perú, conversations eventually turned to what foods everyone missed from home. Of course a firm favourite with the British was "Crumpets dripping with butter!"

So when I arrived back to the UK, faced with a national lockdown and worldwide pandemic, I decided to keep busy by coming up with a range of unique homemade crumpets, and experimented with lots of wonderfully different flavours. The results are fairly fabulous if I do say so myself!

Since starting as a hobby in March 2020, Crumpetorium has blossomed beyond my wildest dreams into a thriving business! A highlight of which came at the end of the year when it was shortlisted as 'Best Newcomer' in the Holly & Co Independent awards.

Experimental Crumpet maker - handmade crumpetsUnique flavoured crumpets handmade in NorfolkChocolate orange flavoured crumpet
different flavours of artisan crumpet
Preservative Free

Sustainable & Chemical free

Eco friendly packaging and no added preservatives

Crumpets can be fiddly and time consuming to make, and a good deal of time and care goes into getting them right. But the end result is definitely worth it, and the taste is so much better than those you find in supermarkets, which are pumped full of artificial preservatives. So even though the crumpets may have a relatively short shelf life, it's a small price to pay for a much tastier product without any added chemicals.

The best way I'd recommend to keep them for longer is by popping them in the freezer. Freezing is the most natural way to preserve food, and it won’t mess with the delicious flavours and textures of the crumpets. Simply defrost thoroughly before toasting as normal and you're good to go!

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  • "A Box Full Of Deliciousness! We received our box of 5 flavours this morning, beautifully packaged, such a lovely present"
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  • "the most lovely packaging, clearly made and packaged with lots of love! We have eaten the ginger packet, with lashings of butter and they are so amazing."
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  • "These crumpets are excellent. Choc chip crumpets are beautiful! Cheese is another firm favourite, but the ginger and chocolate orange ones go down very well with the husband. "
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  • "Fabulous customer service. Perfect texture and beautifully packaged. A great idea for a gift."
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As a very small operation, there is limited space available each week and if we are fully booked then we may have to move your order to a following week. Crumpets are sent the day they're made on an tracked overnight service to arrive on a Thursday or Friday each week, but feel free to send us a message to find out when the next exact available delivery dates are.

If possible, it's really handy if you can let us know a safe place / neighbour that the crumpets can be left with in case no one's in. This reduces the risk of the couriers re-delivering the next day and keeps the crumpets as fresh as possible when they arrive.

We can deliver to Mainland UK only, excluding the Scottish Highlands.

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Please see's returns policy.

Returns Address

Unit 2, 5 Whiffler Road, Norwich, NR3 2AG, GB

Terms and Conditions

Best before dates:

Our crumpets are made fresh and are preservative free. They therefore have a short shelf life and are best enjoyed fresh or frozen as soon as possible for 2/3 months. Deliveries arrive on a Thursday or Friday and the best before date will be the following Saturday/ Sunday. If not freezing, we advise storing the crumpets in a cool dry, airtight place, or refrigerating in hot weather.


It is the customer's responsibility to read all of the allergy information provided on the website and the packets and assess the risks before eating / ordering. Whilst we do try to make sure that there is no cross contamination between flavours, all crumpet flavours are made on the same day and in a home kitchen. It is therefore impossible to guarantee that traces of potential allergens are not present in the crumpets. If you have severe allergies to things such as nuts, dairy and mustard, we would suggest seeking a more specialised company. All crumpets contain gluten. Crumpetorium cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions caused by our crumpets.

Likeness to photos:

Crumpets come in all shapes and sizes, and every batch produces a varied range of crumpets, each different from the last. The crumpets you receive in your order may therefore differ slightly in appearance to those in the photos.

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Please see's terms & conditions.