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How the book was born...

The gift of happy memories

I loved filling out the baby books for my two and wanted to carry on noting everything down as they got older. I found some sweet childhood record books which I loved filling out each year around their birthdays but when my daughter turned three, I thought it was a shame there was nowhere for her to have an input so I asked her a series of questions and jotted down the answers which were both adorable and hilarious. I looked for a book that had prompts for both the child and their grown up but couldn’t find one so decided to launch Colour Chronicles and make one of my own. 

I teamed up with a brilliant designer and together we created The Book of You. It’s a charming book, designed to prompt positivity and affection which builds in to a lasting treasury to be looked back on and jog happy memories of childhood. It goes from age one right through to sixteen and ends with predictions for the future and a note to their future self. 

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Why it's unique...

The only childhood record book with space for both the child and their grown up to have an input. Creates a magical time to sit down and bond each year.

Thoughtful prompts capture the year, ’The things you do that make me laugh’ along with ‘Your best quotes’, space for everything that you don’t want to be forgotten. It asks 'Who I am to you' so it doesn't have to be the same person filling it out each year.

Age appropriate questions start at age three, ‘What makes you happy?’ along with ‘What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done this year?’ which evolves in to the most embarrassing thing when they get older. The questions mature as the years pass and it ends with a note to their future self along with hopes and predictions for the future.

The book can then be tucked away for a few years and gifted back or brought out on their wedding day! They can read all the lovely things written about them, laugh at what they wanted to be at three, and cringe at the most embarrassing things to happen to them at nine.

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  • "Such a wonderful keepsake. I have brought for both my children - it's amazing how quickly all the special moments and quirky comments can be forgotten but now I have somewhere to document it all!"
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    J Taylor

  • "Love The Book of You. Have bought it for so many friends already, it's my new go-to for new babies, Christnenings and 1st Birthday gifts."
    read more

    Emma Jones

  • "Just the most beautiful book. Easy to order and delivery was quick. High quality, gorgeous gift at an affordable price."
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    Victoria McEwen

  • "The questions are so well thought out and with the dedication page at the front, it makes such a wonderful gift. The range of colours are great, so bright and beautiful."
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    Rachel Happe

Press Comments

"Each year you will be inspired to record special moments, thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Providing a stunning lifetime keepsake - it really is the gift which keeps on giving."
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Nov 2018

Mum and Baby Magazine

"...the perfect place to record childhood in a beautifully designed book that would make a nice present."
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Oct 2018

"Treasure all the magical childhood moments with this special as a wonderful continuation of your tot's baby book..."
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Jul 2019

Baby Magazine

"I adore this book. I'm a very sentimental sort of person so recording the whole of childhood will be incredibly special. This would make a wonderful gift."
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Nov 2018

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