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Luna Guardian Blue Topaz necklace

Clover and Swift

Unique jewellery that makes you feel special, through its beauty and the meaning it carries

With a background in interior and product design and many years spent making and designing jewellery, Hannah Dawson has always had a passion for creating beautiful pieces that can be treasured by the wearer. Clover and Swift was inspired by this love of design, and a passion for simple, luxurious, quality jewellery. A childhood spent growing up in the countryside in Devon, along with travels around the globe, have really inspired the aesthetic of Clover and Swift's jewellery collections.

With a mixture of Hannah's own designs, and carefully sourced pieces, all of Clover and Swift's jewellery is intended to evoke joy in those who wear it. With a strong sense of the sentimental value jewellery can have, Clover and Swift's collections are designed to inspire and manifest positive energy. Specialising in 18kt gold vermeil, the brand is synonymous with beautiful, boho pieces.

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