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Life can pass us by so quickly - We wanted to create special moments in your everyday

When Nick & Linda Castle started CLO Coffee, 13 years ago in their West Yorkshire Roastery they asked themselves, how could a good coffee experience change a day? Not just for the coffee drinker, but the farmers too.

We believe coffee matters most when cared for from plant to the cup. That's why we visit the farmers in Uganda where some of our coffee cherries come from, and our Head Roaster Linda Castle tastes the coffee roasted so that drinking experience is anything but regular!

Imagine hand-roasted. Fresh coffee. brewed at home. Served at your table, with a pastry and maybe a special someone or some quality you-time!

All coffee by CLO comes freshly roasted with the farmer's story & roasters tasting notes.

Sounds too dreamy? Not at all, send and receive a memorable loveable CLO coffee.

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experience good coffee

Gift someone a moment

Coffee matters most when cared for from plant to the cup. Coffee like this is hard to come by. We're committed to delivering a good coffee drinking experience.

As of today, you’re one step closer to reclaiming your cup of coffee as a sacred moment which brings you-time and even connection with others.

Coffee from the cupboard makes you feel dreary - you drink it fast and often without thinking.

No longer does a coffee drinking experience need to be one that just satisfies the thirst or gives energy.

Invite a neighbour over.

Start a morning ritual.

Make a round of coffee for people you work with or care about.

Practice mindfulness, and taste the flavours.

The choice is yours. No matter how you choose to experience good coffee, we’ll take care to roast speciality coffee, from farmers who are cared for as much as the coffee we roast for you.

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  • "Its nice for something to exceed my expectations!"
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I’m ready to send and receive memorable loveable coffee by CLO. So what happen’s next?

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On arrival, you or the person you’ve sent to will experience good coffee!

P.s. If you need another reason to checkout, look in the back of your cupboard at the freeze-dried coffee we’re here to help you avoid!

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