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Surface pattern designer based in the south of England. Pattern obsessed, mother of many plant babies & hyper-creative introvert.

Hello! My name is Charlotte and I have always been a bit strange. From a very young age I had lots of obsessions and many goofy collections. Collections of paper bags, collections of stones (carefully stored in egg cartons on pieces of cotton wool), collections of thimbles in a little glass cases, of cat ornaments, of postcards, badges, joke books, live woodlice... You name it - I probably had a bit of an obsession about it and I probably collected it.

I went from one obsession to the next, but I was always in love with making art. I loved to draw - where I lived, there was a Manor House with a double roof, and I used to draw it over and over again in perspective. Just because I could. Yup, I was a geek.

When I was at big school I realised that I needed to get a job that meant I could be paid to be creative. I managed to find employment designing pretty products, and found myself working in the greeting and giftware design industry. One day, I was asked to design some gift-wrap. From that fine day I was hooked.

Now when I make collections, I put them to good use. I make lots and lots of collections of patterns. I am obsessed with designing lovely things, and making patterns is my compulsion. I hope you get as much joy from my work as I experienced whilst I was designing these products for you!

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