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About me

Educate, entertain and engage your growing child with our simple, age-appropriate activity ideas.

Busy Brains Activity Packs was set up at the end of 2019 by former deputy headteacher and mum, Lauren.

"After my second child was born with severe hearing loss, I decided to take some time away from the classroom to support him at home. I threw myself in to life as a stay-at-home mum and soon found myself in a routine of baby classes, playdates and activities at home. It was exhausting and the days felt long!

When my husband was at home, he's want to play with the children (and give me a few child-free minutes!) but he'd struggle to think of what to do with them. He'd often say he wished he could think of activities like I did. So, the idea of Busy Brains Activity Packs was born.

I spent the next two years reading hundreds of research articles and researching early childhood development to create nine packs of cards that would be informative, factual and helpful for sleep-deprived, yet enthusiastic parents! The activities are simple, fun and will support learning at every stage."

Lauren, owner, cuddling her two smiling children6 month old baby playing with a sensory board2 year old girl holding a hexagon shape made from lollipop sticks
A 6-9 months pack removed from box and fanned out on table

About the activity cards

"I wanted to make the packs accessible to all so I was conscious to plan ideas that could be done in a relatively small space, using items found in the home.

I made sure to include a range of different types of play in every pack (creative, physical, musical, literacy, numeracy, social and scientific) to ensure that all areas of the brain were stimulated, the whole of the Early Years curriculum was covered and they'd appeal to a wide range of interests.

I also realised that some parents have time to prepare activities in advance, whilst others want something that they can pick up and do on the go - so I tried to include a mix of both. It was also important to me that every idea should be something that can be repeated and enjoyed again and again.

Since launching, I've been blown away with the positive feedback I've received and I am so delighted to know the cards are helping parents all over the world."

Lauren Brown, Founder.

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  • " I ordered the 6-9 and 9-12 month cards for our daughter. Full of good ideas and you can tell, as it's all so well-written, that it's educators behind them. Not much needed to set up the activities, and, for some, nothing needed at all. Definitely recommend. ?????"
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  • "I’ve been using the activity packs since my little boy was a few weeks old! It’s helped me so much as a new mum in lockdown! There are so many activities to choose from and I love all the additional information you get included! ??"
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  • "I am so glad I found busy brains activity packs! With the struggles of being home everyday with a toddler it’s hard to find new things to do indoors but these packs were a game changer. I do really love that these activity packs not only offer fantastic ideas but also knowledge and support mums that might be struggling to entertain and engage their child through play. Thank you ?????"
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  • "I really wish I had known about Busy Brain Activity Packs when my child was younger! I recently brought the 2-3 years pack as I was running out of ideas for activities, especially with Lockdown. The information in the packs really reassured me that I am doing a lot of things right as well as giving me plenty of new ideas and understanding for this age group...I can't recommend them enough."
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Press Comments

""With our Baby College hats on we love these packs - loads of well-researched ideas for play at home and we are very happy to recommend them." Bea Waterfield, Baby College Director Baby College is a multi-award winning company specialising in parent and child development classes for families with little ones from 0 to 4 years old across the UK and Internationally."
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Feb 2020

Baby College Founder

""Absolutely amazing collection of age-appropriate ideas." Sue Atkins - The Parenting Expert. ? As seen on ITV This Morning, Sky News, BBC Radio, Disney Junior and Channel Five"
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Nov 2020


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