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The British Honey Company

Making the British Spirit

The British Honey Company began in 2015 in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, providing a range of scrumptious 100% unadulterated British Honey from Apple Blossom to Heather and Borage, plus the most natural of all honeys - a British Honeycomb, or cut comb.

Our love of gin and honey led our master distiller, Jamie Baggott, to produce our multi award-winning Keepr's honey and fruit infused spirits, which all started with our Classic London Dry Gin and British Honey in small batches of 300-500. The collection now includes a delicious selection of British spirits using locally sourced fruit, infused with both honey and unique botanicals from around the world.

We are proud to be supporting the preservation of British bees through increasing the number of hives we own and through our artisan products.

The honey we produce and that is used to make our spirits is 100% pure British and it can be traced back to the hive it was produced in. No blended foreign honeys or fake honey.

Raspberry Gin with FlowersBee KeeperHoney
Keepr's London Dry and Cotswold Honey Gin

How it's made

Along with our 275 beehives we also distil award-winning spirits at our very own state of the art distillery near Oxford.

Our still is importantly named Ada after our founder's late mother in law. Ada is a handcrafted 1000 litre still and is the only one of its type in the world. Based around the combination still, we have incorporated a 60-litre infusion chamber for our carefully selected botanicals. This allows us to extract the purest of essential oils and flavour compounds to create our unique artisan gins and infused spirits.

At The British Honey Company we work hard to reduce our carbon footprint where we can. For this reason we have opted for our still to be powered by four electric heating rods. This is a clean heat source and greatly reduces our emissions to the environment unlike the majority of stills which are currently using oil and gas.

Our still and columns are made from copper, helping to remove sulphates and phosphates from the finished product giving our products a sublime smoothness that will surprise and delight the palate.

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