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Bomonde mineral makeup is redefining rock chicks. Empowering women to reject anything other than 100% natural mineral makeup.

BOMONDE mineral makeup.

"BOMONDE: Real, no-gimmick, 100% Mineral Make-up. Eco-friendly with unique refillable bamboo pots. Vegan & cruelty-free. ????"

"Hey there, fabulous folks! ?? My mission? To bring you the real deal, no-nonsense, 100% Mineral Make-up that's as authentic as your selfie game! ????

Meet Bomonde – the go-to for all you fierce, sassy, and eco-conscious beauties out there. ??????? We're all about premium products that not only make you look fabulous but also give your skin and the planet some extra love. ????

I'm Essjay, your friendly neighbourhood Founder and a semi-permanent makeup artist with over two decades of beauty wisdom under my belt. I get you, I hear you, and I know you want makeup that's not just pretty but also kind to your skin and our beautiful Earth. ????

In the world of Bomonde, we've got makeup palettes for all skin tones and types, and guess what? You can reorder without all that wasteful packaging drama with our refillable range. ????

So remember, the only thing 'made up' here is your stunning look! ???? Bomonde is here to redefine beauty for rock chicks worldwide. ????

Bomonde mineral makeup, the only thing made up is you. 100% natural mineral makeup that will improve your skin while you are wearing it.Bomonde mineral makeup is created by Essjay with 20yrs experiences as a skin specialist. Bomonde Mineral makeup with refillable wooden pots and pallets. So you can feel confident that your choices are making a difference to the greater good.
I'm Essjay Hartshorn a skin specialist for over 20yrs. I have create Bomonde Mineral Makeup with you and your skin health in mind
Essjay, The creator

I'm a Skin care specialist

I'm just a normal single mum with big goals to produce something incredible, and I did it.

"Bomonde is more than just a brand; it's a lifestyle, a passion! ?? As a professional skin specialist, I've witnessed countless people grappling with skin issues that can be easily resolved by switching up their makeup game. The secret? Let your skin breathe by embracing 100% natural minerals. This magic formula is proven to combat congestion, bid farewell to stubborn spots, and reveal a complexion that radiates health and vitality.

With Bomonde, we say no to the heavy layers of chemicals, parabens, and artificial ingredients that suffocate your skin. Instead, we opt for a lighter, more natural approach, leaving your skin happier and healthier than ever.

As a single mom, I'm not just passionate about skincare; I'm on a mission to instill in my daughters a consciousness for sustainability and a love for taking care of their skin. Join us on this radiant journey to healthier, happier skin and a greener, brighter future! ??????

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  • "I love that this company is eco conscious, cruelty free, and the brush set is the best i've ever had! "
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    Sandi L

  • "Simple love the products the lipsticks eye shadows are lovely colours, the packaging are so friendly and so nice."
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    Susan Y

  • "Bought some products for my sister who is very keen on environmentally friendly products, She says they're Top quality"
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    Nico B

  • "Bomonde is a company run with heart, hussle and soul. I know how much work Essjay has put into Bomonde and she lives it."
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    Ravi J


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