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Our Story

Blue Coffee Box combines the world's Speciality Coffee from over 17 countries with the UK's top artisan roasters and delivers the best coffee you've ever tasted

As with all the best business ideas, ours came from frustration at the lack of great coffee in the UK.

A few years ago while travelling in the USA, having read an article about a fabulous coffee company that offered subscriptions to taste varieties of coffees at home, we were excited to try it back home.

However, their style of coffee subscription was not available over here and it was a little frustrating. The existing UK subscriptions were roasters that only sold their own coffees.

So, the father and son team of Jon and Harvey Butt used that as the model and now, Blue Coffee Box brings you the UK's best gourmet coffee club in a letterbox-friendly box.

Coffee SubscriptionCoffee SubscriptionCoffee Subscription

We All Deserve Great Coffee

In the UK around 65% of us still drink instant coffee. In Europe, it’s 2% and the USA, it’s 7%. But why do we spend so much money buying real coffee in Costa and Starbucks? Because we prefer good coffee.

The ground coffee stocked in supermarkets is old and stale (there are no “roasted on” dates). And most coffee is over-roasted (ie, burnt) so that cheap beans can be mixed together and the taste masked by over-roasting. Adverts point us to “dark” or “continental” roasts. That’s the burnt stuff. We use milk and sugar to cover the bitter taste.

Real coffees taste as varied as wine. They have hints of flavours from fruit and floral to chocolate and nuts. Different countries produce totally different coffees and it takes a specialist roaster to bring out the real flavour.

After all, if quality restaurants have so many wines on offer, why would you settle for standard coffee?

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Delivery in the UK is always free and your coffee is always fresh.

Delivery to Europe and the Rest of the World (at very low prices) takes a few days longer and your coffee will still be fresh.

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