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High quality, vegan and gluten free beer brewed with a socially conscious attitude.

How we began

Paul started brewing beer at University, it was the cheapest way for him and his 8 housemates to enjoy the good stuff. After graduating and starting a job at Lloyds Bank he kept brewing at home, getting more serious and tweaking his recipes.

When the chance for voluntary redundancy came along Paul had a decision to make; how to spend the money. Go on a few really fancy holidays or buy lots of stainless steel! He chose the latter, hunted down a unit in Stirchley to store it all and Birmingham Brewing Company was founded in November 2016.

Why vegan & gluten free?

Quite early on Paul realised that he really didn’t want to brew with fish guts, which are used in most beers as a way to clear the beer. After some research and experimentation, he realised that he could use an enzyme instead to clear the beer. As a happy coincidence, the enzyme also de-glutenises the beer, making everything we brew gluten-free, vegan and accessible to everyone!

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Unit 17, Stirchley Trading Estate, Hazelwell Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B30 2PF, GB

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