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Aura organics natural skincare inspired by nature

Natural handmade skincare

Aura organics is a small family run business. We specialise in organic, ethically sourced, natural and eco friendly skincare.

We have travelled the world gaining knowledge of different natural, herbal and Ayurvedic healing. Combing these remedies with high quality ingredients and natural preservatives we have created a range of skin care to suit every skin type.

The philosophy behind aura organics - our skin care ranges have been colour coded to help you easily spot what will best suit your skin or mood.

Firstly let me explain a little a bit about our aura and how colour and scent can affect our emotions and state of mind. For those of you who wish to believe, the aura is an energy field that we all have around us. It can be affected and interacts with our environment and it changes from person to person and time to time depending on our energy levels and moods.

Aromatherapists which we have worked with in order to create the best products believe that your mood can be greatly affected by different smells and psychologists have done many studies to show how colours also affect our emotions and energy levels.

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