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We produce customised US Army dog tags in a wide variety of colours and materials, from basic stainless steel to sterling silver. We personalise all our tags with a genuine American Army embossing machine, which gives a good clear text and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Customers buy our tags for a variety of reasons - fun and practical. They are very popular as gifts, with a special message (e.g. couples anniversary dates, or a child's date of birth) and are also used for carrying emergency contact or medical details, or as luggage or pet tags. They also make great party-bag gifts, particularly if your child is having a paint-balling or laser-quest party, and teens love having tags to go with their favourite combat-themed computer games.

Our classic stainless steel tags have a rolled edge, and they come from an American military tag supplier, so you can be certain that they are the genuine article. The other metallic tags and the coloured tags are manufactured for civilian use only, but come from the same supplier.

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