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We will bring luxury to every home

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We will bring luxury in every home.

At Armina Fernandi, we want to bring innovation to the British lifestyle industry with our luxury scented soy candles.

Our journey began in 2016 with a goal of making people happy through products of exceptional quality and exquisite presentation. Armina Fernandi believes in treating its customers fairly and with respect, which extends beyond just common rules of customer service and into business decisions in their entirety. We choose to make our products with hand-poured soy wax, which produces significantly less carcinogens and harmful toxins than paraffin wax; soy wax candles also burn longer, ensuring you’re not only healthier with our products, but also that you’re getting good value for money.

At Armina Fernandi, we strive to become a luxury UK brand by injecting creativity, invention and innovation into their products. Our products are premium in brand and high quality from wax, scents, presentation, right the way through to packaging.

An important aspect of our mission is the love we have for, and the brief we have in, the candles we produce. Our aim was to make the perfect luxury candle for the home, that creates an ideal atmosphere for relaxation whilst ensuring that the product did something most luxury candles do not: protect your health. Our products are the perfect gift, appropriate for any occasion and an exciting one whenever it is received, every time it is received.

Our fragrances are based on carefully selected and tested fragrance oils so that we are able to source the right scents for you. Our array of scents ensures that there is something to suit every occasion, every mood and every type of person; candles do not just need to be something you light before a bath or to spice up the home for a romantic evening in. A selected few of our candles would also make an ideal addition to a sophisticated business environment. As a bonus, so that our customers are not shopping blind, we use our very own blog to educate and inform customers and potential customers alike on what products suit what environments, moods and people. This is because, at Armina Fernandi, we genuinely appreciate our customers and the money they go on to spend on our products, and therefore want to ensure that they are totally comfortable with their purchases.

All of our candles are hand-poured in the United Kingdom. Our wax blend is made of 100% soy waxes without including any paraffin and hence, does not release any unwanted smoke or soot into the home. The candles we produce come well-presented in beautiful matte black glass jars, encased within a luxury brand of packaging.

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  • "Tried the Amber Noir! Very exquisite indeed :) Highly recommended"
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    Mudita Aeron

  • "I have tried English pear and vanilla candle. It not only looks beautiful and elegant but also has the most amazing smell when burning which lingers till the next day. Thumbs up to Armina Fernandi candles!! Look forward to try other flavours."
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    Deepti Mehta

  • "We tried the Strudel and Spice candle and not only was the scent exquisite but the candle was long lasting and burnt completely and cleanly. Can't wait to try other flavours."
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    Maria Hamlin

  • "I'm addicted to Armina Fernandi candles. I can't get over the packaging, and when I light them, they have a perfect flame and the scents are just divine!"
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    Jeanna Wenham


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